Between, the pic on your left is when my son Adam decided to paint my face with an ice cream he didn't want to finish. More pics

My name’s Ismail Mechbal and I live in Stockholm. I love to tackle difficult challenges and ride awesome waves.

I got introduced to programming while in elementary school, basic was my first programming language, a short while after i started designing web sites, i reckon my first website was dedicated to IAM.

I was born in sunny Casablanca, Morocco, where i studied for my bachelor and later moved to Sweden where i studied at Uppsala University for a master in HCI "Human Computer Interaction".

I love building things, really! in 2011, together with some friends we launched Unik a web development agency, it was a delightful experience to work with a broad set of amazing clients from different countries.

One thing i learned in my short experience trying to build products is "Making something is the easiest thing, maintaining it is the hardest thing" Jason Fried.

If you want to get in touch, you will be more likely to find me with a bunch of great guys riding some waves in the outskirt of Casablanca, if not, then probably chilling around in Stockholm.

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